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33,3 % Forest protection, Jari/ Amapá REDD+, BRASIL
33,3 % Forest protection, Resex Rio Preto-Jacundá, REDD+, Brasil
33,3 % Forest protection, Manoa REDD+, Brasil

With our forest-mix-portfolio in Brazil, we combine all kinds of forest conservation activities.
In Brazil, huge areas of the oldest forests are facing depletion unless we finally start looking for
to engage their protection.

Until the 1960s, it was believed that the equatorial rainforest was one of the most stable
ecosystems of the earth. The biodiversity of plants and animals and the high production of biomass
suggested that these lifeforms remained constant for millions of years environmental conditions to the present.

Today we know that the rainforests are a very sensitive ecosystem that are extremely sensitive to
direct and indirect influences react.

On the carbon dioxide content of the atmosphere, healthy tropical forests have great influence, because the plants
absorb as much carbon dioxide in photosynthesis as the animals release.

Extensive deforestation but interrupt this closed cycle - with disastrous consequences.
The fires release vast amounts of carbon dioxide previously stored in the tropical forest.
Over 20% of global CO2-emissions are due to the destruction of tropical forests.

VCS Database - Jari/ amapá
vCS database - manoa 
vCS database - preto jacundá

The project meets following of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals:

Weshalb Aufforstungs- und Waldprojekte so wichtig sind.

forest projects, in particular REDD+ projects are used to finance large scale protection activities in the Tropical Rainforest.

For the most part, the destruction of forests is through illegal deforestation or slash-and-burn. The areas thus freed up are used for soybean cultivation or livestock farming of multinational corporations.

Only through active protection against the irretrievable destruction of thousands of square kilometers of forest can we preserve this valuable asset in our climate balance. With our forest mix you support certified forest conservation in the sensitive tropical rain forest, the extinction of many life forms and the green lung of this earth.

Forest projects create a particularly large number of jobs.

Our projeCt - Mixes:

You want to support different projects at the same time or just can't decide?
You do not have to! We have compiled project mixes for you!


Deutschland Plus  is an efficient tool to improve the condition of forests, biotopes and bogs in the regions.

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Forest (REDD+)

With our forest mix portfolio,
we combine all kinds of forest conservation in Southamerica, Brazil. 

Renewable Energy

Generating renewable energies is an
elementary important contribution to sustainable energy production.

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Together with you, we contribute to the climate with our efforts in climate protection.
On the other hand, to improve the lives of many people living in the project regions.


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