At beeline no Trending topic, 
but lived corporate philosophy.

beeline GmbH

"We are deeply committed to society and the environment"

trendy fashion accessoires at great prices,
produced with consideration 
for humans and the environment

With our strong brands in the area of SIX, I AM, TOSH and other white and private labels
we are represented on 23,050 sales areas in 60 countries worldwide.
This makes us one of the largest international suppliers of fashion jewelery and fashion accessories with more than 4,800 employees.

At the center of our activities is the long-term satisfaction of our customers and partners.
Internally, towards our employees and colleagues, we measure ourselves against this claim.

We take responsibility...

... for our work area, for our actions, for our products and for our employees. We make our decisions in terms of sustainability and social responsibility.

Production takes place under strict control of compliance with the
Rules of the Company's Code of Conduct.

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Our code of conduct:

  • Ban on child labor
  • Ban on compulsory labor
  • ban on discrimination and harassment in the workplace
  • Ensuring safety and health in the workplace
  • Ensuring freedom of assembly and collective bargaining
  • Fair wages and compensation
  • Regulated working hours and transparent overtime regulations
  • Environmentally friendly production processes and distribution channels
  • Promoting corporate ethics and anti-corruption
  • among others: preserving animal welfare

Our collections are changing fast. It is all the more important that our entrepreneurial
Overall behavior is also designed in the area of environmental sustainability.
Step by step, we are approaching this goal, for example, we have already been able to ensure that all our goods and all our packaging are PVC-free.

DE-077-208855 - 
TOSH-products are carbon neutral

In order to be able to calculate CO2-emissions along the entire value chain, from the extraction of raw materials through to delivery to our logistics centers, we have developed a method that has been certified by TÜV Nord.

With this method, we can pinpoint where carbon emissions arise and where we need to be particularly active in order to reduce CO2-emissions completely avoided.

We offset unavoidable CO2-emissions with the carbon offset project PROJECT TOGO.

We also assume responsibility for our 4,800 employees.

TOSH labeled products are carbon neutral.

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Just like our customers we do not want the cheap prices of our products
to be paid dearly elsewhere. Every one of our suppliers is our partner and is committed to following the requirements of our Code of Conduct.

Ulrich Beckmann, CEO of beeline GmbH

          picture: Monika Aliki Panousi

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