You want to support Various projects
at the same time? 
Take a look at our PROJEcT-MIXEs!

forest - MIX &
renewable energy - MIX

You do not want to commit to a single project
but to support a WIDE SPECTRUM interesting and high quality of carbon offset projects? Our PROJECT MIXES are EXACTLY THE RIGHT for you!

All project mixes follow the same high standard and natureOffice's claim to offer only certified, transparent projects.
Project security is ensured through the carbon offset standards. All projects are certified and, according to the criteria of the respective standard, after which they have been certified, checked and inspected.

We are YOUR BEST PARTNER in Voluntary Compensation Service!

To fulfill and safeguard our quality standards, we provide the following

  • We inform you comprehensively and transparently
  • We always point out to companies the importance of avoiding and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, pointing the way and informing about possibilities for CO2 reduction
  • We calculate CO2 emissions close to reality because it is not only the quality of the carbon credits that are used to offset that is decisive, but also the level of emissions to be balanced
  • We provide as much information on the offered climate protection projects as possible, so that you can see the quality criteria
  • We design and operate our own, certified carbon offset projects ourselves, i.a. in Africa and South America, combined with regional engagement in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands and are therefore not only resellers of CO2 credits, but experts in quality carbon offset projects!

Our project - Mixes:

You want to support different projects at the same time or just can not decide?
You do not have to! We have compiled project mixes for you!


Deutschland Plus is an efficient tool to improve the condition of forests, biotopes and bogs in the regions.

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With our forest mix portfolio, we combine all kinds of forest conservation and forest conservation.

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Renewable Energy

Generating renewable energies represents a vital contribution to  a real sustainable energy production.

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