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Anchoring sustainability aspects as an integral part of newly founded companies at an early stage helps to exploit the full potential of sustainable business.

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demand environmental commitment

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CO2-balances according GHG-protocol/ ISO standard

Consulting on opportunities through carbon neutrality

Compensation of CO2 emissions though particulary sustainable carbon offset projects

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Startup sustainable form the beginning?
Is it worth it?

Starting with an early consideration of the sustainability potential up to the strategic planning of the
Further development of the business model with regard to even more sustainability ...

Being sustainable

Contrary to the widespread opinion that being sustainable costs a lot, we say: being sustainable can even save costs: an optimized working environment, public transport. Material savings, the use of recycled raw materials, less and above all long-lasting office electronics immediately have a positive effect on the CO2 balance, or even make the CO2 balance lean at the beginning. At the same time, operating and possibly production costs are reduced.

social and
corporate relevance

Start by actively shaping the future of your corporate strategy. Take on the socially required responsibility and thus a role model. With a responsible strategy to reduce and offset emissions, you stand out from the competition and increase the relevance of your business.

By using them, you attract new target groups and provide existing customers with a good reason to stay loyal to you.

New business relationships
through more sustainability

In the area of B2B, too, companies are increasingly looking to work with partners who value carbon footprint by engaging in climate change and, considering this aspect, manufacturing their products or offering their services.

Sustainable companies
WILl be the leaders

Start-ups that open and commit themselves to sustainability right from the start will be the winners in the medium and long term, as more and more consumers are already giving preference to services, products and businesses that bear their responsibility to society and the environment perceive.

New customers
through more sustainability

The customer group of those who value social commitment and environmental protection is constantly growing. They are ready to accept higher costs for sustainably produced products or services. Consumers are becoming more and more concerned with the careful use of resources, fair working conditions and the assumption of social responsibility!

Sustainability is PromoteD!

In order to stimulate the circular economy, to create jobs and sustainable growth, to increase competitiveness, the European Commission has launched a promotional package that includes several million euros.

Sustainability is Required!

In the near future, the development of sustainable products will no longer be voluntary, as EU regulations are becoming ever stricter.

Sustainability ensures

No matter where you look, environmental protection is a huge issue! Green start ups are on the rise. Sustainability generates new business models and thus new sales opportunities. Particularly interesting are business models of the circular economy, which provide sources of revenue that do not come directly from the sale of products.

minimizes risks

It is already clear that many raw materials will be scarce in the coming years. Natural resources are limited! You do not have to study business administration to realize that the cost of these raw materials will increase steadily in the future. Working on the use of sustainable options today will not only help reduce costs but also minimize the entrepreneurial risk associated with the scarcity and increase in the cost of resources.

Sustainabilty strengthens that

SUVs as company cars or extra bonuses already attract only the fewest qualified employees into a company. A balanced work-life balance and a sustainable use of resources, however, already. It is becoming increasingly important to adhere to socially fair working structures and to the assumption of social responsibility by companies.

Sustainability strengthens 
the brand image

Your customers become true brand ambassadors when they realize that they are doing something useful for the common good or the environment with the product of your company or the use of your service. Sustainability in the company or the anchoring of sustainability in the core of the brand increases the brand value and at the same time improves the perception of your company in the market.

customers and PARTNERs

Climate protection can be applied to a wide variety of areas.
Some of our customers give insight and show how they´re climate protection activities.

With much love in Germany sustainably produced, vegan ice cream in three varieties - vanilla, chocolate and strawberry - deliciously refreshing and carbon neutral.

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KISSYO stands for organic frozen yoghurt "Made in Germany" in premium quality, sustainably produced and since 2017 now also carbon-neutral.

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Carbon neutral burgers are not only delicious (unfortunately, even if they are not carbon neutral) but also a real added value for  the environment and the restaurant.

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Embedding effectively, transparent and sustainable climate protection into your corporate activities, this is our goal. We will work with you to design solutions that are suitable for you as a company, for our climate and the people living in developing countries.

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