With Deutschland Plus
you combine certified climate protection 
with environmental action in your Region

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throughout germany

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Deutschland plus allows you to combine international climate protection with regional environmental protection.

Deutschland plus is a combined certificate

We combine international Gold Standard or VCS certified climate protection with climate and environmental protection in many German regions. The combination creates the from
natureOffice developed climate protection combination certificate (carbon credits), Deutschland plus.

While the actual offsetting of your emissions takes place via one of your selected, Gold Standard or VCS certified carbon offset projects, you support with your choice of Deutschland plus regional climate protection via our partner Bergwaldprojekt e.V..

Auch bei Regen pflanzen Freiwillige junge Bäume.

Even in the rain, volunteers plant young trees.

Regional perspectives for a global problem

The Kyoto Protocol recommends that climate protection be implemented where it can be implemented cost-effectively. Meanwhile, there are enough reasons for more regional climate protection.

Encouraged by our customers, whose wish it was, in addition to the carbon offset projects, which were mostly initiated in Third World countries, to get involved regionally as well, we first launched the project Deutschland plus and subsequently Österreich plus.

Our forests are also affected by climate change and need our help for optimal adaptation.

Auch bei Regen pflanzen Freiwillige junge Bäume.

A participant plants saplings.

Deutschland plus

Facts about the project:

  • Project type: Combined certificate

  • Project name: Deutschland plus
  • Project locations: Germany and various

  • Project standard: Gold Standard/ VCS/ CCBS  (depending on chosen carbon offset project)
  • Additional contribution: per certificate we forward EUR 5 to the charitable Bergwaldprojekt e.V. 

Together with the charitable Bergwaldprojekt e.V. we support forest conversion and forest protection in many German regions like:

  • Alpine forehills
  • Werdohl

  • Hunsrück

  • Black Forest

The Bergwaldprojekt - purpose and aims

The purpose of the association is the protection, preservation and care of the forest, in particular the mountain forest and the cultural landscapes, as well as the promotion of the understanding of the relationships in nature, the interests of the forest and the dependence of humans on these livelihoods.
For this purpose, the Bergwaldprojekt e.V. is working with volunteers in forests, moors and open-air biotopes at various locations in Germany.

The aim of the work assignments is:

  • to preserve the diverse functions of ecosystems
  • to make the participants aware of the importance of the forest
  • to promote a nature-friendly handling of natural resources

A renatured biotope - forest, meadow, moor.

Not only do young women plant - they also work with the ax.

visit the webseite of bergwaldprojekt e.v.

What characterizes Deutschland plus?

Together with the Bergwaldprojekt e.V. and many thousands of voluntary helpers we take care of forest conservation and forest modification in
many german regions

The Forest, our BIGGEST climate protector 

The forest is much more than a resort for us, where we find peace and relaxation.
We make concrete demands on the forest. But we also have to support him for that.
Climate change has long since reached our native forests. Heavy rain or drought periods stress the forest. The increase in the average annual average temperature or the entry of new pests require an increased effort in the maintenance of the stock.

together with the charitable 
Bergwaldprojekt e.v.

With Deutschland plus, you directly support regional projects, such as the project in the foothills of the Alps, in the Black Forest, in the Rhön or in the Hunsrück. From each sold Deutschland plus carbon offset certificate, an amount of EUR 5 will be transferred directly to the charitable Bergwaldprojekt e.V..
Thanks to our many dedicated customers, we have already been able to provide the mountain forest project e.V. with more than 125,000 for these important regional projects.

The forest performs invaluable daily functions:

  • He is our pantry, our drinking water and fresh air supplier
  • He gives us wood for houses, furniture and paper.
  • He ensures the biodiversity of countless animal and plant species.
  • He determines, together with the oceans, our global climate.
  • He provides protection against floods, rockfalls and avalanches.

Further impressions, films, interviews can be found in our media archive.

Nice to look at but pests: lupins that spread too much.

For more impressions click on the picture gallery.

The climate change 
has longe since reached germany.

Again and again we are hit by heavy rain and extreme storms. Heavy weather warnings from the
German Weather Service, increasing floods and changing precipitation patterns do not bode well.
In addition, the average annual temperature has already increased by 0.5 ° C in recent years.
The landscape will change profoundly.

Climate change has already brought our forests out of balance:

  • Invasive species and fungal diseases are piling up.
  • Drought periods and heat waves are fueling more and more forest fires.
  • Climate-induced species poverty is progressing massively.

Our German forest is no longer as healthy and robust as expected.
About one third of our continents are covered by forest. In Germany, about one third of the total area is covered, 70% of which are covered by trees that are not suitable for the site.
The forest is faced with the challenge of adapting to climate change.
We have to help him to help himself.

From the oxygen of a 100-year-old beech, an adult human could breathe for 13 years. With a CO2 binding of 6 kg per day, through a single tree, the forest is our biggest climate hero.

That too is part of it - labor input in the moor.

Great variety on a flower meadow in the Allgäu.

be active now with bergwaldprojekt e.v. 

Some of our Forest protection/
Afforestation projects in Germany

We all associate a positive feeling with the forest!
Offset your CO2-emissions with our forest projects!

Deutschland Plus

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Deutschland Plus

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Deutschland Plus

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Deutschland Plus

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