the FILM

accompany us on our trip into PROJECT TOGO!

From our point of view, we have no problem of engagement in Germany but a transparency problem,
Therefore, it is a great concern and pleasure to present PROJECT TOGO in an open and transparent way.

25 Minutes really worth it...

Sit back and immerse yourself in PROJECT TOGO!
Even without popcorn this movie will not be boring! Promised!

We like to share further impressions with you...

Let the pictures speak!

Imagevideo, 5 minutes, PROJECT TOGO

Video surprise from our customers, 2 minutes

Our thanks... the following companies for the production of the films.

KISON Kommunikationsgestaltung

As a freelance communications designer, Gloria Kison visualizes, designs and writes creative campaigns and design concepts in online and offline media for her own clients and advertising agencies.

For her, our planet is very close to the heart of her human being,
which is why she prefers her abilities for sustainable, meaningful products or
to use social enterprises.

KISON KOmmunikationsgestaltung on the web

IVY Film

Yvonne Schulze, founder of IVY Film, has been working as a
cinematographer and filmmaker for corporate films for 7 years.

From the first idea to the final cut or as a team supplement for a
planned film project - passion, commitment, first-class advice and
the necessary equipment as well as a great team stand behind her and IVY Film.

IVY film on the web
Für weitere Impressionen klicken Sie auf die Bildergalerie. *-*-*-* Alle Fotos auf dieser Seite © Christian Kerber *-*-*-*  ‹(•¿•)›¨¯¯¨¨˜"ª¤ Vielen Dank! ***** ¤ª"˜¨¨¯¯¨‹(•¿•)›

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