Changbin and Taichung Wind Power
Wind energy 

changbin und taichung 
Clean Energy from Wind Power

Changbin und Taichung, Taiwan*

This carbon offset project involves two wind farms, which make use of the, until then untapped, wind energy on the west coast of the island. These two wind farms, Changbin and Taichung, promote a less carbon-intensive future for the people of Taiwan.

In addition to the positive impact on the global climate, the project generates jobs and benefits from the environment.

The project regularly cleans surrounding beaches, planting native trees in nearby forests and awards 50 scholarships to students from the region.

Technically, the two wind farms consist of 65 wind turbines with a respective capacity of 2.3 MW. At full capacity, the total project output is expected to be 507 GWh per year, which will be delivered to the Taipower Regional Electricity Authority.

These new wind farms are very popular with the Taiwanese public and have become tourist destinations. Guided tours of the parks are offered, raising public awareness of the subject. All of this encourages Taiwan's efforts for sustainable development.

The project meets following of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals:

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Ecological education and big environmental goals

Taiwan's goal: 20 percent of total electricity production is to be generated by 2025 from renewable energy sources. On the one hand, Taiwan wants to reduce its immense imports of electricity, and on the other Taiwan wants to participate in the fight against global climate change. The Taiwanese government is investing just under 35 billion euros in this energy transition. First, the expansion of solar energy is on the program.

In the next step, or in addition to the, preferred by Taiwan solar energy is invested in the construction of offshore wind turbines off Taiwan's Pacific coasts. Sufficient electricity reduces the dependency on high import prices and causes the price of electricity to sink for the population of the Pacific Island. However, the self-imposed, admittedly rather ambitious goals can be achieved, since the country is the second biggest producer in the world in the photovoltaic cell technology sector.

Also in the field of wind turbines, the island is one of the market leaders. Taiwan attaches great importance to environmental education and education, and educates its inhabitants to prevent and recycle waste. Domestic waste bins as in Germany does not exist. In the household accumulating garbage must be given in the garbage collection and paid dearly. The successes speak for themselves: Between 1998 and 2011, the volume of daily waste per capita dropped from 1.14 kg to just 0.43 kg. At the same time, the recycling rate rose from 1.25 percent to 52 (!) Percent over the same period.

On June 15, 2015, the government passed the "Law on the Prevention and Management of Greenhouse Gases" and is thus on the way to a low-emission future. With our climate protection projects, we want to support Taiwan's ecological path.

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