We plant YOUR FOREST -
OUR PLEA for the tree

plant a TREE or a FOREST?

"Afforestation is key to advancing 12 of the 17 SDGs, it is an
approach to combating desertification, creating a reliable renewable resource base, and removing CO2 from the atmosphere....

...Afforestation on degraded soils in the vicinity of rainforests opens up value-creation potential for a renewable
raw material and protects the primary rainforests from drying out. Here, many jobs and corresponding income can be
can be generated in such a way that the climate situation improves, not deteriorates further."
Excerpt from Migration, Sustainability, and a Marshall Plan with Africa, Senate of the Economy, The Club of Rome, 2017.

1 600 000+ 


newly planted

400 000 t+

CO2 are removed

from the atmosphere

80 +

long-term jobs


more information

How to get your tree/ forest in Togo

Have you ever thought about exchanging your CO2 emissions for
trees? You would like to offset one ton of CO2e?
We plant 4 trees for you in Togo!

Does your company emit 2,400 tons of CO2 per year?
How many trees would actually have to be planted in Togo for that?
9,600 trees!
Over what period of time do these newly planted 9,600 trees actually bind these 2,400 tons?

In our CO2 model, we explain in detail how we calculate the CO2 sequestration of the trees,
of the trees that are planted in Togo.

Do you have questions about the study? We look forward to hearing from you!

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