on coconut MILK
carbon neutral


Lovingly made in Deutschland.

The ideal Dessert
for all gourmets!

Carlotta VEGAN is creamy, vegan ice cream "Made in Germany" based on coconut milk and the ideal dessert for those who eat completely or at least partially vegan.

In particular, for all connoisseurs who have to give up dairy products due to an allergy or intolerance. And easy for those who love the taste of fresh coconut milk.

Not only the two well-known varieties of vanilla and chocolate, but also the "strawberry" variety, which was launched a few days ago in April 2018, is climate-neutral.

This means that all CO2-emissions resulting from the production of this vegan ice have been determined in a CO2-balance or a CO2-footprint and have been balanced in the same amount via a recognized carbon offset project.

It´s getting PINK...

This year, in addition to the classics chocolate and vanilla, there is another new fruity variety.

Carlotta strawberry convinces with a high proportion of fruit (20%) and, with its light coconut, provides a special kind of taste experience.

Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry - vegan ice on coconut milk basis.

Even the latest product "strawberry" is carbon neutral.

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Animal products are climate KILLER No. 1

Studies have confirmed for years that the most environmentally and climate friendly decision is the abandonment of animal products.

Nevertheless, we see additional potential for improvement: The delicious coconut milk, which is the creamy base for all our Carlotta products, does not grow in our immediate vicinity and the production of ice cream is a very high-energy production, which can not be avoided.

Nevertheless, we would like to hold against it and have therefore sought with natureOffice an experienced partner in the field of climate protection and carbon neutral production.

natureOffice has calculated the CO2-footprint of Carlotta products. All steps of a product life cycle * were considered. We will now voluntarily offset the calculated amount of CO2.

We support three projects with all our carbon neutral cups.

With "Black Forest Plus" we deliberately decided on a project in our region. This forest conservation project is being carried out in close cooperation with the Bergwald project e.V.

As climate change is global, we also support the Togo project in West Africa. It is very diverse, as afforestation also involves the direct involvement of civil society. The people in the region should also be offered a long-term perspective, also through their direct involvement in the projects.

The third project is in the valley of Jari in the state of Amapá in Brazil. The valley connects several nature reserves. By protecting the forests in this area, the project helps to preserve the diverse fauna. In addition, it is an important factor in preserving local water resources.

* In general, the production life cycle of the products consists of the following sections:

  • agriculutral production of all ingredients
  • processing of comware
  • storage of comware
  • further processing fo all comware to final product
  • packaging the finished product
  • storage of the finished product

All three sorts are carbon neutral: vanilla, strawberry and chocolate.

Carlotta vegan is an environmentally friendly product by itself, but producing, transporting and cooling is very energy intensive, which can not be avoided. With the carbon neutral production, we actively ensure that Carlotta VEGAN is even more sustainable and sustainable a role model for other products. 

Carmen Bechtel, graphics and social media

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