carbon NEUTRAL EVENTS are 
hip and an easy step 
into more more sustainability



can offer carbon neutral events

only approx. 50 cent


per person

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carbon neutral EVENTS

"One megatrend the event industry is responding to is sustainability.
This topic is becoming increasingly important to consumers
and makes it clear that the industry is embracing this development
in order to secure our future in the long term. "
Ray Bloom, Chairman and founder of Imex Group

Get your event carbon neutral

We calculate the CO2-emissions of your event or event for you. Whether a sales conference with 8 participants or a corporate event with 250 guests. Regional, national or international arrival, with or without overnight stay. With us you not only receive a comprehensive calculation but also a carbon offset project that does much more than protect the climate. Give us a call and let our team of experts advise you. We will find the right solution and project for your event.


Our calculation software "" makes it possible to independently determine a detailed balance sheet of the CO2-footprint of your event and to make it carbon neutral. For a customer-friendly handling, you can offer our software solutions directly on your website and in your branding.


In the international comparison of the top conference destinations, Germany follows the USA in second place and meets the highest standards in the area of carbon neutral event planning and event locations. As a partner of the European Association of Event Centers (EVVC), we are proficient in communicating about carbon neutral events. We are happy to help you to place your commitment and to differentiate yourself from the market. Despite high quality, the additional costs of carbon neutral solutions usually remain surprisingly low. For the ticket of a climate-neutral event, for example, you only have to charge a surcharge of approx. 50 cents to 2.50 € per person.

Why voluntary 
climate protection

Voluntary climate protection is about taking responsibility and actively promoting climate protection. And just as everyone is part of this problem, everyone can be part of the solution.

Constant change is shaping our industry, which focuses on bringing people together. Forcing and organizing this is our task as an association. That's why our commitment to climate protection is
at the top of our agenda and we encourage our members to show their signals.

Constanze Weber, Branch manager

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