you combine certified climate protection
with environmental action in Africa

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We only have one life on earth, right? You have to use that.
In my dream one helps the other without compulsion, simply because he likes
finds it. Ultimately, our time on earth only makes sense if we are somehow useful in fighting for the world to get better.

Oskar Niemeyer, architect

WAS characterizes TOGO PLUS?

Togo plus allows you an environmental engagement in Togo, Westafrica, in the regions of Sokodé and Agou, combined with certified carbon offset projects.

Through this combination of certified carbon offset projects and regional climate and environmental protection actions arising combined carbon offset credits developed by natureOffice.

While the actual offsetting of your emissions will take place through a Gold Standard or VCS certified carbon offset project you support as well climate action in Togo, Westafrika

REGIONAL environmental protection for the locals 
with added value in Westafrica

As part of Togo plus, the following activities are implemented in the project region: 

  • Sheep farming, rabbit breeding, beekeeping, animal marketing, honey and dried fruit
  • Training programs: sheep breeding, beekeeping, rabbit breeding
  • Workshops: Preservation of food through cooking and drying, water and sanitation, first aid courses, safety at work, brick making with natural materials, repair of buildings
  • Fruit planting to improve the income situation of the regional population: Moringa, pineapple, bananas, cocoa, coffee, cashew
  • Water: Transport solution with donkey and wagon, care and maintenance of wells, installation, care and maintenance of water filtration systems, water extraction through gutters, maintenance and removal of surface water (lakes) on the project surface
  • Energy: installation, maintenance and operation of solar systems, light provision for community
  • hool projects: awareness raising and education for environmental and nature conservation, children's workshops, collecting tree seeds (quality assessment), setting up and maintaining a tree nursery, siting and spreading tree seedlings, setting up and caring for salad bags
  • Hygiene systems: Construction of toilet facilities, operation and maintenance of facilities
  • Jobs: creation of jobs in nursery, forestry, agriculture and administration
  • Events: regular cinema events,  organization of village festivals
  • Planned: Animal catching and care station for young and injured animals from the region

Facts about the project:

  • Project type: Combined carbon offset project, Afforestation of natural forest

  • Project name: Togo plus
  • Project location: Togo and various (depending on chosen carbon offset project)
  • Project standard: Gold Standard, VCS, CCB  (depending on chosen carbon offset project)
  • Additional contribution: per certificate we forward EUR 5 to Project Togo
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therefore climate protection in Afrika makes so much Sense

Climate change threatens the development potential of billions
of people especially in the poorest countries of the world.

Thats what the scientists and Experts say:

Quotes taken from the Marshall Plan with Africa and by Prof. Dr. med. Dr. Dr. hc F.J. Radermacher

Afforestation programs in Africa are the "key to promoting 12 of the 17 SDGs of the world community under the 2030 Agenda in Africa".

"Eco-social market economy ... is an economic system in addition to questions of value creation and social balance issues and the environment and climate protection are fully addressed ... not at any price to increase the amount of goods and services and it does not matter is to get a two class society to destroy the environment and evoke the climate catastrophe ... two-class societies can lead to internal conflicts such as civil wars, on a global level it is the division into poor and rich parts of the world. Overpopulation, migration."

"The plight that builds up in Africa is the reason why we are now seriously addressing the issue [...] in Africa, starting a development that is self-sustaining, generating reasonable growth there and how can we reasonably do so growth It would not help if we were to grow in Africa at the cost of more social divisions, destruction of the environment, rainforests and even more climate problems we protect the rainforest and we have less CO2 emissions. "

"The Solution here is Afforestation
Bringing CO2 out of the atmosphere with afforestation."

"[...] And then use the wood as a renewable resource [...] so that the Africans can feed themselves and so they do not throw out EUR 35 billion a year for food imports - on a continent that is self-sufficient could feed. "

"Afforestation is key to promoting 12 of the 17 SDGs, it is an approach against the spread of deserts, creates a reliable renewable raw material base and removes CO2 from the atmosphere."
Afforestation on degraded soils around rainforests opens up value for a renewable resource protects the primary rainforests from dehydration, where many jobs and incomes can be generated so that the climate improves, not worsening."

"A Marshall plan with [...] Africa as a whole offers the opportunity to show that it is possible to quickly develop economically a large region of several hundred million people and to generate massive economic growth with increasing social balance, without losing sight of the economic situation On the contrary, Sahara [...] desert should be used to bring [...] Africa to a decisive head and at the same time defuse the CO2 problem in the world [...] in conjunction with massive afforestation programs to extract CO2 from the atmosphere."

"Investing in better living prospects for people living in Africa is not only far more cost-effective than using welfare state funds in Germany for refugees from Africa - anything that gives people an incentive to shape their future in their own country also respects much more the human dignity of those affected. "

"We are responding only under pressure, and this is changing." The biggest threat comes from Africa: in Africa alone, the population could grow to 4 billion by the year 2000, quadrupling, which would be six times the EU and the consequences of climate change, this hits Africa hard. "

"currently we are raising per year only EUR 2 help per african..."

"An unguided teenager who comes to Germany as an asylum seeker, costs us 60,000 EUR.

That's not affordable in millions of dollars. We need to think about where we can save a lot if we help Africa. Now we have with us a policy in the climate sector - climate plan economy.

This is incredibly expensive and has almost no climate effects. For example, in the energetic renovation of apartments: 2 t CO2 savings are achieved with 30,000 EUR costs. It's the same with electromobility. [...] Instead of thinking about using the sun of the Sahara to produce a synthetic gasoline and a synthetic diesel that is carbon neutral.

Then the investments in Africa, which could lead to enormous added value there and protect the environment, would result in us achieving our climate protection goals much more cheaply. So that in the sum of the expenses we spend less and still have huge effects. "

"But Europa wins most 
when Africa wins."

"And if we work intelligently with Africa in Europe, then we can even solve our climate problems with Africa together better and cheaper than if we try alone."

"A successful implementation of this plan would also be a promising fight against flight causes and would therefore also take the great pressure on Europe, which has built up alarmingly fast in recent months."

DOWNLOAD full report: migration, sustainability and a marshall-plan with afrika, senat der deutschen wirtschaft and the club of rome

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Together with you, we contribute to the climate with our efforts in climate protection.
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