together it´s climate protection -

much more than your EXPERT

the HEaRt and SouL of natureOffice

Your best Partner in terms of 
voluntary carbon offset services!

To fulfill and assure our quality standards in daily life
working with you, we make the following demands on ourselves:

1 Information

We inform you comprehensively and transparently!

3 validity

We calculate CO2 emissions close to reality because it is not only the quality of the credits used to offset that is decisive, but also the level of CO2 emissions to be compensated.

5 experience

We design and operate our own, certified carbon offset projects ourselves, i.a. in Africa and South America, combined with regional engagement in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. So we are not just resellers of
CO2 credits but experts in quality carbon offset projects.

2 consulting

We always point out to your company the importance of avoiding and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, pointing the way and informing you about ways to reduce CO2 emissions.


We provide as much information on the offered carbon offset projects as possible so that you can see the quality criteria and be fully informed about project activities.

That is our personal contribution

As a climate protection agency, of course, our own behavior is important to us
because behavior says more than words.

Our sustainability efforts in Germany:

  • Basically, we try to avoid or reduce any consumption - as far as possible.
  • We work in a core refurbished building with triple glazing and exterior insulation, use green electricity and buy only FSC or recycled paper, as well as quality and durable products, e.g. in laptops.
  • Waste prevention and separation are a matter of course for us.
  • Our business travel is primarily by train. We do not fly nationally. Car rides and international flights are carbon neutral.
  • All advertising materials, such as Business cards and brochures, we print carbon neutral and on FSC or recycled paper.
  • The website is hosted by a cloud provider that purchases only electricity from renewable sources.
  • All our employees can make their working hours flexible and thus free themselves for family or sports.
  • Also, personal opportunities for personal development and self-responsible implementation of your own ideas are crucial for innovation and motivation.
  • Subject-related education and training is open to all employees and is supported.

Even as private individuals, we are committed to climate protection.

From an economic point of view, we benefit from the fact that our PROJECT TOGO is based on a
secure foundation and is protected by the local population. By the
Uniqueness of such a project in the compensation market, we were able to get many customers
inspire and bind us to the project in the long term.

Our sustainability efforts in Togo:

  • Training is an important part of our work, especially in Togo. Our employees regularly take part in courses and workshops there. At regular intervals, we also organize workshops on occupational safety and first aid, which are freely accessible.
  • We attach great importance to people understanding the project as their own ("ownership"). We therefore trust people early and let them bring their own ideas. To this end, we hold regular meetings with the villages and our staff and discuss issues and solutions together.
  • Through our own small projects, which we support financially, we promote the initiative and independence of the employees.
  • In addition, it is important to us to further improve the basic conditions of the people. It has already built three wells, two assembly houses, some small solar panels and two toilet facilities. We also participated in building a school.
  • From the beginning, we have noticed that at least 50% of our project teams are women. They have the same opportunities to actively participate in the project, earn the same as men, and receive the same support in workshops, training and education.

Already to the youngest, we show what sustainability is all about.

In own thing:

natureOffice is a 100% independent, owner-managed climate protection agency. We follow our own visions of active and voluntary environmental and climate protection. We do not have to consider investor interests or service loans and are therefore only obliged to follow our own mission statement in our entrepreneurial activities.

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Together with you, we contribute to the climate with our efforts in climate protection.
On the other hand, to improve the lives of many people living in the project regions.


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