commitment to environmental protection 
decides on MARKeT opportunities and Growth 


CO2-neutral printing on CO2-neutral machines.

pioneer, when it comes to ecology 

Based on international life cycle assessment standards, Heidelberg has developed, in collaboration with the TU Darmstadt, a method for the exact calculation of the CO2-footprint of printing presses.

The carbon footprint of the printing press (cradle to gate) is also determined by the transport to the customer. It is based on a detailed analysis of the energy and transport costs and the proportions of the many different materials with their specific carbon footprint. Not only the CO2-emissions caused during production at Heidelberg are considered, but also those of the suppliers.

A few milestones of environmental activities

  • 1972 waterless offset (press)
  • 1990 automatic washup system (press)
  • 1993 Computer-to-Plate (prepress)
  • 1995 washup programs for mineral-oil-free cleansers (press) 
  • 1995 alcohol-free printing
  • 1995 noise-reduction measures (press)
  • 1998 Prinect Image Control for color measurement (workflow)
  • 2000 Waste air cleaning with CleanStar (press) 
  • 2000 Washup solution disposal with WashStar (press) 
  • 2002BG certificates: Tested Emissions and UV-Optimized (press) 
  • 2004 Chemical-free plates (consumables) 
  • 2008 Mineral-oil-free inks as Saphira products (consumables)
  • 2009 Heidelberg becomes the only manufacturer to offer carbon neutral presses (press)
  • 2010 Carbon-Footprint-Calculator in Prinect Analyze Pont (Workflow)
  • 2011 Package for printing without alcohol (press, consumables)
  • 2012 Integrated energy measurment devices
  • 2013 DryStar LE UV (Low Energy) the special UV system
  • 2014 Standby function for presses

 entstehen 260T CO2

During manufacturing Speedmaster XL 106-6+L 260t of CO2 arise

The proportions attributable to the material and the production energy are almost balanced. The biggest driver of CO2 in the material is not steel, but electronic components.

The Fraunhofer Institute UMSICHT certifies the compliant calculation of the carbon footprint for the production of printing presses by Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG.

The compensation of greenhouse gas emissions that arise in the production of a printing press, takes place through the purchase of climate protection certificates, which correspond to the amount of the so-called carbon footprint of the machine. The emission credits or certificates are assigned to specific climate protection projects.

The commitment to climate protection can in the future decide on the market opportunities and the growth of your company. To show the climate neutrality of the machine, the label "CO2-neutral" is located next to the Heidelberg logo. This allows you to visualize and differentiate your environmental commitment.

drupa 2016 - Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG © Sascha Steinbach/actionpress for Heidelberg

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drupa 2016 - hall 1 - Heidelberger Druckmaschinen - carbon neutral.

A visit to Heidelberger - always an experience - also for Christian, our natureOffice CEO in Paraguay.

By reducing paper waste, waste, energy consumption and emissions to a minimum, Heidelberg and Heidelberg customers are economically successful and at the same time produce environmentally friendly products according to the motto; Think economically, print ecologically. Ecological production not only preserves our environment, but is also economically necessary because it is increasingly demanded by print shop customers. Heidelberg stands for environmental commitment, sustainable printing and innovative total solutions.

Harald Woerner, Environment & Sustainability

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Embedding effectively, transparent and sustainable climate protection into your corporate activities, this is our goal. We will work with you to design solutions that are suitable for you as a company, for our climate and the people living in developing countries.


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