Brazil Nut Rainforest Community Project
Forest protection

Brazil Nut Rainforest
Community Project, REDD Sustainable forest management to protect valuable ecosystems

Madre de Dios, Peru*

The second largest share of the Amazon rainforest is located in Peru. The region where the project is located is considered as the region with the highest biodiversity density.

Forest damage mainly originates from the massive illegal logging and the use of the bare areas as farmland and grazing land.

The Brazil Nut Rainforest Community climate protection project targets at protecting the valuable primary rainforest which is home of a large number of rare, endangered plants and animals and provides them witha habitat

Thanks to its activities, the project sustainably grants about 400 families income opportunities through the traditional harvest of Brazil nuts. The local population is strongly involved in the project and is, for example, trained in sustainable harvesting techniques. Modern processing of the nuts increases their quality and gives small farmers the opportunity to generate higher incomes through the development of new markets.

Access to microcredits is also granted within the scope of this project.

The project area covers about 300,000 hectares of original Amazon rainforest. In order to prevent forest devastation, a large number of monitoring mechanisms have been used to continue keeping the forest as a carbon sink.

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The project meets following of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals:

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Living with the El Niño phenomenon

Storms lasting for days and regular strong floods frequently occur in Peru. There are hundreds of thousands of people, who regularly lose their homes, and always injured and dead. This extreme weather is due to the climate phenomenon “ El Niño“.

When the seawater off the coast of Peru is five degrees warmer than usual, strong rainfalls occur in the Andes due to the strong evaporation. The rivers swell. The global climate phenomenon causes extreme weather events in many places – drought, heavy precipitation, hurricanes and icy winters.

Peru is soften referred to as a paradise because of its biodiversity. In order to protect this situation, the government established a Ministry for Environment with the assistance of Germany and recently passed various laws to protect the environment. New protected areas have been identified and the Forestry Act has been reviewed with regard to the sustainable and environmentally sound management of forests. Penalties for illegal gold mining were tightened. The environmental idea has been anchored in the Peruvian consciousness and has increased significantly in recent years. (BMZ)

Other government objectives are to reduce poverty and expand social policy. Significant successes have already been recorded in these areas. In 2004, 58.7 percent of the population still lived below the national poverty line, in 2013 they were only 23.9 percent (World Bank).

Nevertheless, about 40 percent of greenhouse gas emissions in Peru are caused by illegal deforestation of the rain forest. Environmental activists are in danger in Peru and it is not scarce that protesters are killed by illegal loggers.

For this reason, we have decided to include projects from Peru in our portfolio in order to support the efforts of these local groups of environmentalists, especially the indigenous people.

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