carbon neutral companies
create a positive Effect on our

climate and their Image

Climate protection as 
marketing tool
with added value

Increase your

Climate protection is
nOt expensive, but may help
save costs

73 %


demand environmental commitment

300  +



1 000  +



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Why should your company
be carbon neutral?

Consumers increasingly consume more environmentally conscious. 73% of consumers also demand that companies act sustainably and also engage in climate protection (GfK 2015). We accompany you across all industries and
beyond the mere purchase of certificates into your commitment to climate protection.

Environmental commitment as 
Marketing tool with 
added value

Sharpen your image with relatively little effort and increase your chances in the market. Carbon neutrality is a quality label. Your company is thus positioning itself in the area of sustainability in a timely and active manner.

Save yourself imaginative marketing ideas and communicate your commitment to the environment with pride.

Increase your 
social and
corporate RELEVANce

Start by actively shaping the future of your corporate strategy. Take on the socially required responsibility and thus a role model. With a responsible strategy for reducing and compensating emissions, you stand out from your competitors and increase the relevance of your company.

By using them, you attract new target groups and offer existing customers a good reason to stay true to you.

Climate protection is NoT Expensive,
but may help SAvE costs

A company should know its carbon footprint. The fear of excessive costs should not stand in the way of voluntary climate protection. A free pre-calculation quickly creates clarity.

The regular revalidation of your carbon footprint and an annual monitoring of emission sources can, in some cases, reveal considerable financial savings potential and free up valuable employee resources.
Your CO2-footprint incl. A short study can be obtained from just € 199 thanks to our effective online processes.

Despite cost efficiency, climate protection with natureOffice is competent, comprehensible, transparent and credible.

What means carbon NEUTRAL?

Holding the balance, balancing, neutralizing each other. Carbon neutral are processes that do not alter the equilibrium of the atmosphere. A balance between taking and giving. Carbon neutral are products, services or companies as a whole if they offset emissions after the determination of the individual CO2 balance.

This is how your company becomes carbon NEUTRAL

Let´s work together to create your tailor-made climate protection solution. You´re
just an e-mail or a call from your first step towards climate protection.

1 CO2-

Please contact us.
We advise you in detail, agree together on the terms of your commitment and determine the CO2-footprint of your company.

2 Data

The CO2-footprint of your company is evaluated and the result presented in the form of an individual study.

3 Carbon

After the compensation of your CO2-emissions
If your company is certified as carbon neutral, you will receive a certificate and a tracking ID about your commitment. Finally, we support you in the strategic and credible communication of your commitment.

We support you with our 

We advise you holistically and individually for your suitable climate protection solution. Our qualified team will
assist you in the appropriate marketing of your personal commitment.


In order to be able to develop tailor-made and comprehensive action strategies for you, we first analyze your initial situation.
This determination captures all your company's CO2-emissions. Then we adapt our flexible natureOffice climate protection concept to your individual needs. In this model, carbon neutrality and high-quality climate protection always takes place through our carbon offset projects.

Therefore, we also focus on the quality of these projects and, especially in
PROJECT TOGO, consider the areas of water, energy, health, education and social issues. Their climate protection formula could therefore be the "CO2 compensation (carbon neutrality) through forest afforestation with co-benefits in Togo, Western africa (climate protection and development)".

communication and MARKeTiNG

Climate change affects and moves us all.

He is no longer a dystopian and has long since arrived in Germany. Communication is the most effective way of raising awareness and raising awareness of climate change.

Climate protection marketing is honest marketing with added value. Since change will continue for several decades, your marketing can start here.
We will show you how to communicate with your customers about climate change and arrange your press and public relations work afterwards.

Our qualified team will help you to properly place your new communication strategy on all channels, online and offline. Every successfully implemented commitment requires appropriate marketing. Climate protection can not be talked enough.

lectures and WORKSHOPS

Since authentic climate protection marketing only works if everyone pulls together, we inspire and sensitize your employees and suppliers in sales training. Over time, we have been able to train more than 9,000 employees.
You are not alone when it comes to educating your customers, we are happy to accompany and support you on customer appointments or, for example, give a talk on chimney evenings.

In order to inform as many people as possible about climate change and carbon neutrality, we also give lectures at trade fairs and conferences or pass on our knowledge during targeted workshops.


Our carbon offset projects bind CO2 from the atmosphere and thereby generate Certificates. These certificates compensate for your calculated CO2-emissions. A "carbon neutral" label makes your commitment visible. In addition the data, facts and thus also credibility over your commitment can be tracked by your personal tracking ID. This tracking ID is placed on your "carbon neutral" label.

customers and PARTNERs

Climate protection can be applied to a wide variety of areas.
Some of our customers give insight and show how they are doing climate protection.

La Vialla is a family-run and sustainable farm in Tuscany. Our products offer genuine taste and are the result of a passionate work.

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Digital communication with the ambition to set standards. Shared Value is one of long-term goals. A contribution to a sustainable world.

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Martinshof makes history: unique and unmistakable! A story of cows, happy chickens, original products and people.

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Embedding effectively, transparent and sustainable climate protection into your corporate activities, this is our goal. We will work with you to design solutions that are suitable for you as a company, for our climate and the people living in developing countries.

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We offer exactly what you are looking for and need!

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