Carbon offset credits from
India/ Mexico/ Taiwan

Clean energy from renewable energy

33,3 % Hydropower, Sarbari II Hydropower, Indien
33,3 % Solar energy, Aura Solar, MEXICO
33,3 % Wind energy, Infravest, TAIWAN

They are wind turbines, biomass power plants or large solar fields. The technology of generating renewable energy is already very advanced today and represents a vital contribution to sustainable energy production.

However, renewable energy projects, especially in emerging and developing countries, are also important for a completely different reason: through co-financing and the additional revenue from the sale of carbon credits, it is only these, still expensive, energy sources that can be built and used become.

The big advantage for all of us is that with each new plant for generating environmentally friendly and sustainable energy outdated, high-emission systems can be switched off. This is an absolutely necessary form of financing, especially in the poorest countries.

The carbon offset standard guarantees that only projects that fulfill the additionality character, ie without the revenues from the certificates, are not built and were not previously planned, can be approved and certified as a carbon offset project.

Thus, the carbon offset standards ensure that not systems that were already planned and would have been built with a high level of security, additional income through the purchase of credits.

The project meets following of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals:

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Especially for the SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT of THRESHOLD COUNTRIES, the reliable supply of clean energy is a DEVELOPMENT DRIVER.

Too many power plants are still operating to produce fossil fuel energy.

Not only is it bad for the environment, it also endangers human health, especially in the big cities of developing countries.

By purchasing the certificates from our technology mix, you support the development of emerging markets in the development of sustainable energy production.

Wind power plants protect the climate in the long term.

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You want to support different projects at the same time or just can't decide?
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Deutschland Plus is an efficient tool to improve the condition of forests, biotopes and bogs in the regions.

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With our forest mix portfolio, we combine all kinds of forest conservation and forest conservation.

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Renewable Energy

Generating renewable energies represents a vital contribution to  a real sustainable energy production.

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Together with you, we contribute to the climate with our efforts in climate protection.
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