the refreshing light 

organic and carbon neutral

kissyo - CREAMY PREMIUM ICEDREAMS made from yogurt

...tastes fat without cream...!

Competence since 2010

Yoghurt-based low-calorie ice cream has long been one of the major food trends of recent years and has been a popular alternative to classic cream ice cream in many countries in America and Asia for decades.

KISSYO is one of the pioneers in this still-young market segment, especially in the food retailing and foodservice sector.

"My daughter is to blame..."

... Lutz Haufe likes to answer with a wink to the question of the beginnings of the
Company. During a California trip in late summer of 2009, they both got to know and love the lighter alternative to traditional cream / milk ice cream.

Since 2010 he is now an entrepreneur with a passion for organic food.
Fresh five * premiumfood GmbH, founded in early 2011, has specialized in product development, production and distribution of high-quality frozen yoghurt and ice cream products according to ecological standards

KISSYO is organic yogurt ice cream 

KISSYO can do both:
Indulge and refresh with just half the calories of normal ice cream. And makes it the ideal dessert for at home or on the go.

In the supermarket KISSYO is the exception - low in calories, low in fat - yet creamy and with WUMMS. The ice-cold innovations are available as creamy yoghurt ice cream, tangy sorbet or as yoghurt ice cream on a stick. Always in organic quality.

The name is program - KISSYO label rebranded : -X

act instead talking.
Kissyo is manufactured carbon neutral!

Carbon neutral products are an important sustainability component.

KISSYO has always stood for the special ice cream. Instead of cream, low-fat yoghurt is used, since all our products have always been certified organic.

From 2018, all products will be produced in addition to carbon neutral.

Climate change and its consequences affect us all. We take the initiative and have dealt intensively with the topic.

In the first step, we started to avoid or reduce CO2-emissions. The production of ice cream is generally an energy-intensive process, which is hard to avoid. With natureOffice we have found an experienced partner in the field of climate protection and carbon neutral production.

natureOffice calculated the carbon footprint of all KISSYO products, taking into account the individual steps of the entire product life cycle *. We will voluntarily compensate for the amount of CO2 calculated in this way and support three projects:

  • The project "Schwarzwald Plus" for forest protection is carried out in close cooperation with the mountain forest project e.V. . We deliberately decided on a project in our home region of southern Germany.
  • The effects of climate change are felt worldwide, which is why we also support PROJECT TOGO in West Africa. The project is very diverse. In addition to afforestation, it is also about the direct involvement of the population and should help to sustainably improve the living conditions. Being directly involved in the carbon offset project will give local people a long-term perspective offered.
  • The third supported project is located in the valley of Jari in the state of Amapá in Brazil. The valley connects
    several nature reserves. By protecting the forest resources in the area, the project is actively helping to preserve the diverse fauna and preserve local water resources.

Climate change and its consequences affect us all. We take the initiative and have dealt intensively with the topic.

As a company, we not only have responsibility for our products, customers, employees and processes. But also for the social impact of our economic activity, especially for future generations. We are delighted that we can inspire other market participants to do more than what is required by law.

* In general, the production life cycle of the products consists of the following sections:

  • agriculutral production of all ingredients
  • processing of comware
  • storage of comware
  • further processing fo all comware to final product
  • packaging the finished product
  • storage of the finished product

Karen,  Andreas and Henning at biofach 2018.

Vanilla-strawberry, quite our taste!

Our fruity and light KISSYO organic yoghurt ice is energy-intensive to manufacture and transport, and unfortunately, this can not be avoided with frozen products, but producing the products
in acarbon neutral manner is our active contribution to sustainability and makes KISSYO
even more fun!

Henning Hipp, Key Account

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Embedding effectively, transparent and sustainable climate protection into your corporate activities, this is our goal. We will work with you to design solutions that are suitable for you as a company, for our climate and the people living in developing countries.


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