the beginnings and our VISION – 
what moves us and what we make differently .

Our Philosophy

With our own carbon offset projects, we enable you and your company,
to get involved quickly, easily and particularly effectively into climate protection.

It is important to us, to pick up the people, respectively the companies, at that point on their way to more sustainability where they are in this moment. To get in a constructive discussion and also to turn critical voices and then to convince by transparency and daily good work. To form a large community which tries to positively influence the changing circumstances out of inner convictions.

Sandra Millei, CEO natureOffice

natureOffice -
Together it's climate protection

We plan and implement climate protection solutions,
for your company, for the environment and for the local people.

together – means for us,
with combined strength.

Involving THE people who suffer the most from climate change.
Climate protection for us always means first and foremost human protection.

Together – means as well,
that everyone benefits.

With activities in the area of climate protection, companies increase their social relevance and may even save costs - in the environment, resources are thereby spared, which in turn leads to an improvement in the lives of many people worldwide.

holistic PRINcIPle
Reducing, Avoiding, Offsetting

The compensation of CO2 emissions offers a convenient entry into the climate protection.
By balancing your CO2 balance, you can achieve a significant effect on climate protection with little effort. Decisive for such a success is the investment in targeted climate protection projects. After the compensation follows the reduction. We will show you measures for the future reduction or, at best, for avoiding CO2 emissions.

Climate protection should be visible.

You can be proud of your commitment and you should communicate it openly.
This is not only good for your image, it motivates others to follow their positive example.
We also gladly assist you in communicating with the outside world.
In our way of working, we always follow international standards and norms and place your commitment on a serious foundation.


The joint work, here as well as there, characterizes our project.

In the beginning it was NOTHING - luckily there was a coffee maker.

2008, the first online carbon calculator comes from natureOffice.

The beginnings and our VISIONs

Where do we come from and where do we want to go?

My concern has always been to develop systems that will enable any business to participate meaningfully, effectively in the fight against climate change and to make their individual contribution. For this purpose, however, it was necessary to make the entrance hurdles as small as possible, so that not only large companies can make a profile of a purchased commitment but also the small and medium-sized companies can make a contribution within the limits of its

Andreas Weckwert, CEO natureOffice GmbH

What drives us  
and what we like to achieve.

We see sustainability and climate protection as global and long-term.
With more than a billion carbon neutral prints and products in more than 10 countries, we manage to place the topic and show how voluntary climate protection can continue to function in the future.

our beginnings

We founded natureOffice in 2007 with the ambition to accompany companies on their way to sustainable action and active climate protection.

The work of natureOffice always aims at the reconciliation of economy and ecology. Because we believe that the merger of legitimate economic interests with ecological rationality creates synergies that lead to growth and sustainable progress.

our Vision

We see ourselves as your strong partner, developing individual solutions that are scientifically sound and at the same time easy to use.

It is all about enabling companies to access climate protection and reducing concerns.
We focus on the subject of "carbon neutrality" as it applies to all processes and products. This way, the right solutions can be found, from print jobs to products or product lines to entire companies.
It is not about buying freely, but about acting actively, making a contribution and communicating this too. Climate protection is usually negatively associated with renunciation and rarely are the opportunities recognized.

Information about the certificates and the carbon offset projects behind them are very scarce and negative headlines determine the press. Through transparency, we want to provide information and reduce possible concerns. So in 2010 we started our own reforestation project in Togo, West Africa. The project is completely financed and controlled by us.

our goals

We still want to reduce concerns, make individual climate protection solutions more accessible to companies and combine them with credible, transparent carbon offset projects.

The most important goal in the next five years is the expansion of our carbon offset  project Project Togo I and thus the establishment of the Togo II project.

So we want the requests of the Government of the Republic of Togo, in particular the Ministry of Environment under Environment Minister André K.A. Johnson, as well as the Department of Agriculture, under Minister of Agriculture Ouro Koura Agadza and the Prefé of the Agou region, will take care of Mr Nunyava, who has asked us, on the basis of previous successes in Project Togo, to cover an additional area of ​​approximately 20,000 ha with a population of approximately 6,000 To accept people and to establish project Togo II with the same mechanisms as project Togo I. The government-owned area was made available to natureOffice for a project duration of 50 years, free of rent and interest.

In this project, the challenge is to transfer the experiences that we were previously allowed to collect at Project Togo I to a project area that is 20 times larger, or adaptively adapt it.
However, the new large area also enables us to massively increase the agricultural share and to establish new ecological cultivation structures together with the farming families. Here we will strengthen and expand the previous good cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Bingen. Already today we offer internships for Bachelor's and Master's internships in Togo. Our mission will always be to combine ecological and economic goals.

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Together with you, we contribute to the climate with our efforts in climate protection.
On the other hand, to improve the lives of many people living in the project regions.


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