wind energy PROJECT
Clean energy from wind

Alashankou Distrikt, CHINA*

The Chinese energy industry has been growing for many years, with growth rates of up to 7% per year and more.
Persistent urban growth and ever increasing industrial production are the main reasons for this.

So far, more than 70% of the electricity produced is primarily generated from coal by burning fossil fuels. Coal, which causes particularly high CO2 emissions compared to other fossil fuels.
For every megawatt hour of electricity from coal combustion, that's almost a tonne of CO2 emissions.

Other air pollutants, particularly in the metropolitan areas, also contribute to heavy air pollution in China. For this reason too, it is imperative to develop clean energy sources.

This climate protection project includes the construction and operation of a wind farm with 33 turbines and a total output of 49.5 megawatts. The wind farm feeds approximately 110,000 MWh of electricity into theNorthwest China Power Grid (NCPG) and displaces electricity from coal-fired power plants to this extent.

This is enough to supply over 70,000 households with electricity.

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The projects meets following of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals

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Climate change exacerbates the already extremely strong air pollution

According to an international study, climate change will further exacerbate air pollution in China. The number of premature deaths due to particulate matter will continue to rise, said study author and emeritus director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Mr. Hans Joachim Schellnhuber in an interview with Deutschlandfunk.

Is there a link between climate change and air pollution? This is the question that the international scientists have pursued.

The result of this international study, which is based on model calculations, gives figures: The scientists assume that, in addition to the approximately 1 million premature deaths due to respiratory diseases, lung cancer and strokes per year, triggered by fine dust, ozone and nitrogen dioxide, another 10,000 Deaths are caused by possible consequences of climate change. The main reason for this, according to Schellnhuber, is stagnating weather conditions. So hardly any wind, the warm air lies on top of the cold, like a lid. Dirt particles, including fine dust that penetrates into the lungs and brain, can cause damage undisturbed there. According to Schellnhuber, for up to 6 weeks until this so-called inversion weather situation changes again. Schellnhuber explains that these weather conditions are primarily related to the weakening, the change in the jet stream, as a result of the disproportionate warming of the Arctic. An effect that PIK calculated and published decades ago.

According to Schellnhuber, however, the study can also be applied to Germany or Central Europe. Air pollution in India is the focal point and far worse than in China. According to Schellnhuber, up to eight Indian cities will be on the list of the ten dirtiest cities (air).

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Together with you, we contribute to the climate with our efforts in climate protection.
On the other hand, to improve the lives of many people living in the project regions.


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