Our OFFER is aimed to you as PRINTING service
or Printing COMPAny

carbon neutrally printed material

All CO2 emissions are calculated and offset by a carbon offset project.
With the online-based software "natureBalance" each order is calculated
in a few minutes and made carbon-neutral. Various available MIS
integrations and API interfaces for online shops are available.
The costs for your customers are only 0.5 - 1% of the order value.

in 1 min



less  than 1

additional costs

than regulary printed

7 500 +


offset CO2-emissions from printing

I am a printer and i would like to be advised

Why printing carbon neutrally?

Just because you can...

the process

Scientifically sound, ISO 16759 compliant, intuitive software solutions -
You also offer your customers the possibility of carbon neutral printing of their printed products!

1 CO2

To determine your CO2-balance, you will have access to our calculation software "natureCollect".

2 Data

Your CO2-balance is evaluated and the result stored in the form of an individual CO2-key in the calculation software.

3 Carbon

You get access to the software for independent quotation and booking of carbon neutral print jobs.

i am a printer and i would like to get more information about carbon neutral printing

our Software - natureBalance

Programmed in-house - every software solution we have for you!
Since we have not outsourced our expertise in all areas, even in IT, we are uncrowned
world champion in flexibility, short reaction times in case of support and reliability!

International basic version

Usability, offers, bookings, certificates and logos in 6 languages


Unlimited number of users possible

Support/ Hotline

Monday - Saturday between 06.00 and 22.00 o'clock

Calculation/ Booking

In less than a minute to you  carbon neutrally printed product.


Clear offer and order management.

Download/ Archive

Extensive download area and archive with various search functions.

offer & certificate

With natureBalance you calculate, book and manage your carbon neutral print jobs.
All downloads are available in 6 languages, logos and labels in various variants

This offer is created in a few seconds! Post each of your offers! A certificate to show your customer as confirmation regarding the carbon neutral status of the print product.


Integrate CO2 -offsetting into your MIS software or your online store and save money and time!

Do you use other software and would like to make print products  carbonneutral? With pleasure! Contact us!
Are you an MIS software developer/ and interested in integrating our API interface?

please send me the description for the API- Interface for carbon neutral print products

Label - "carbon neutral print production"

For each carbon neutral print order, you’ll receive a specific label featuring an ID number. You can use it to label the print product so that the offset can be traced very transparently. 

Basic - Label "carbon neutral print production" - english

Label "carbon neutral print production" with QR-Code

Label "carbon neutral print production" - special variants

Logoguideline for DOwnload

The costs

The extra cost for carbon offsetting of each printed product is minimal and in most cases almost negligible

For example

                                          Flyer                 Brochure                   Business report

Edition                            3.000               3.000                          3.000
Format in mm                210x297         210x297                    210x297
Cover                               nein                  nein                             4 pages
Inner part                        4 pages           16 pages                    24 pages
Grammage                      135g                135g                          135/200g
Paper                               recycelt            wood-free                   wood-free
CO2e-emissions            0,098t*            0,478t*                       0,895t*
CO2-offset cost              1,62€**           7,89€**                     14,77€**

* calculated with our standard key for sheetfed offset
**carbon offset PROJECT TOGO - € 16,50/t

i am interested in carbon neutral printing - please contact me

all our carbon offset projects

Afforestation & Forest Protection, Energy Efficiency -
Gold Standard or VCS -
PROJECT TOGO boutique project or favorable projects for carbon neutral large tonnage production -
We offer exactly what you are looking for and need!

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