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The first carbon neutral Hamburgers.
Tasty climate protection.

about climate protection

Carbon neutral burgers are just as tasty as other burgers too.

The big difference is that all climate-damaging greenhouse gas emissions associated with making the burger are offset by a carefully selected nature project "PROJECT TOGO" carbon offset project.

Because, as everyone knows, especially in meat products and especially in the digestion of ruminants large amounts of greenhouse gases, which are unavoidable and bad for the climate. Then there are transport routes, processing and preparation in The Burger Lab. The unavoidable emissions are up to 5 kg CO2e per burger.

That is why especially REGIONAL and SeaSONAL
ingredients become processed and   
carbon neutral BURGERs are offered.

Good for the climate and good for you!

This is how the mechanism of carbon neutrality works

The voluntary compensation of greenhouse gases is a recognized and sensible means of assuming responsibility and making an important contribution to climate protection. The international community agreed on a carbon neutral world by 2050 at the climate conference in Paris. This means that all emissions that are then emitted will be offset by carbon offset projects and especially forests. In sum, greenhouse gases that are no longer caused by humans should therefore be released, as can be absorbed by ecosystems. Since this mechanism is not infinitely possible, as many reduction measures as possible have to be made in advance. With the carbon neutral Hamburgers, emissions can be avoided in advance through our own measures, but never completely, especially by animal husbandry.

The Burger Lab has already made its own efforts to keep emissions as low as possible. For this purpose, The Burger Lab has only been using green electricity since the beginning, using regional and seasonal products as far as possible and using 100% compostable cardboard shells. The remaining emissions of up to 5kg CO2e per Hamburegr are offset by "PROJECT TOGO". Within the carbon offset project, an area of ​​1.000 hectares will be reforested in Togo, West Africa. In addition, the project is concerned with improving the social structures and living conditions of local people in the areas of water, health, education, energy and work. Such projects are only possible through the voluntary engagement of companies such as The Burger Lab and help to improve people's local conditions.

The Burger Lab - 2 x in Hamburg!

Not only extremely tasty, but also climate neutral.

visit thE burger lab on the web

important for The Burger Lab: regional and seasonal ingredients

With our carbon neutral Hamburgers, we make an active contribution to climate protection and promote sustainable development. We were especially impressed by the own reforestation project of
natureOffice in Togo.

The Burger Lab, Owners

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Embedding effectively, transparent and sustainable climate protection into your corporate activities, this is our goal. We will work with you to design solutions that are suitable for you as a company, for our climate and the people living in developing countries.


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