yes, we plant!

YES, we plant! 
Our plea for the tree...

"Afforestation is a key to promoting 12 of the 17 SDGs, it's one Addressing the
spread of deserts, creating a reliable renewable raw material base and removing
CO2 from the atmosphere ...

... Afforestation on degraded soils in the rainforest area opens up value creation potential for a renewable one Raw material and protects the primary rainforest from dehydration. Here are many jobs and income be generated so that the climate situation improves, not further deteriorated. "
Excerpt from Migration, Nachhaltigkeit und ein Marshall-Plan mit Afrika, Senat der Wirtschaft, The Club of Rome, 2017

1 500 000+ 



375 000 t+


from our atmosphere

80 +


jobs created

for your
customers program

for your
company forest

for your

all information at

This is HOW you get your tree/ company forest in TOGO

Have you ever thought about swaping your CO2 emissions into trees?
You want to balance a ton of CO2e? We plant 4 trees for you in Togo!

Do you emit 2,400 tons of CO2 per year with your company?
How many trees would have to be planted in Togo?

9,600 trees!

Over what period of time do these newly planted 9,600 trees actually bind these 2,400 tonnes?
In our CO2 model, we explain to you exactly how we use the CO2 binding of trees, which have been planted in Togo and continue to charge. Do you have questions about the study? We look forward to hearing from you!

CO2-Offsetting – 

Create added value for your company through climate protection.

Improve your carbon footprint by offsetting your carbon footprint while helping create jobs in the region.

start into climate protection

NOW offsetting CO2-EmissionS

donate now – 
your tree(wood) in Togo

Make climate protection part of your communication strategy. Underline and strengthen your business strategy through your direct commitment by planting trees for you in Togo as part of a customer campaign or fundraiser. (With donation receipt!)

small donation,
with a  great effect

donate your tree to Togo, africa
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We are your partner for climate protection! We offer you various solutions beginning from carbon footprints through individual climate protection strategies all the way to carbon neutral products, services or companies.
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