Energy efficiency 

Avoiding CO2 emissions by saving fuel

Nanyang Danjiang River, CHINA*

The solar project in Nanyang improves the internal hygiene and living conditions of 50,000 rural households in one of the poorest regions in China.

By replacing traditional coal stoves with clean solar cookers, 93,962 t of CO2 emissions are reduced each year and the quality of life of people is improved.

The catchment area of ​​the Nanyang Danjiang is ideal for the use of solar energy. The project includes the distribution and installation of 50,000 solar cookers for households with a total output of 38.675 MWth. The economic population is expected to be 178,710 when the project is in operation.

The project contributes to local sustainable development by:
• Provide a clean and convenient way for rural residents to meet the energy needs for everyday cooking.
• Improve indoor hygiene for rural residents
• Improvement of living conditions and quality of life
• Creation of permanent employment for the local population

A public survey among locals was conducted in writing via the EIA. A total of 100 questionnaires were distributed and could be evaluated. 100% of the residents surveyed supported the project and believed that it would benefit the development of the local economy.

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The project meets following of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals:

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Climate change exacerbates the already extremely strong air pollution

According to an international study, climate change will further exacerbate air pollution in China. The number of premature deaths due to particulate matter will continue to rise, said study author and emeritus director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Mr. Hans Joachim Schellnhuber in an interview with Deutschlandfunk.

Is there a link between climate change and air pollution? This is the question that the international scientists have pursued.

The result of this international study, which is based on model calculations, gives figures: The scientists assume that, in addition to the approximately 1 million premature deaths due to respiratory diseases, lung cancer and strokes per year, triggered by fine dust, ozone and nitrogen dioxide, another 10,000 Deaths are caused by possible consequences of climate change. The main reason for this, according to Schellnhuber, is stagnating weather conditions. So hardly any wind, the warm air lies on top of the cold, like a lid. Dirt particles, including fine dust that penetrates into the lungs and brain, can cause damage undisturbed there. According to Schellnhuber, for up to 6 weeks until this so-called inversion weather situation changes again. Schellnhuber explains that these weather conditions are primarily related to the weakening, the change in the jet stream, as a result of the disproportionate warming of the Arctic. An effect that PIK calculated and published decades ago.

According to Schellnhuber, however, the study can also be applied to Germany or Central Europe. Air pollution in India is the focal point and far worse than in China. According to Schellnhuber, up to eight Indian cities will be on the list of the ten dirtiest cities (air).

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