the NATURAL forest-

The Natural forest afforestation

The creation of a natural forest means a contribution to the
conservation of species of resident tree and plant types as well as for
improving biodiversity.

In addition, Togo's natural forest afforestation is associated with the creation of jobs and thus the overall improvement of social
structures in the project region. Read more about social CO-benefits within PROJECT TOGO.

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Our carbon offset project fullfills
12 of 17 Global Goals of UN AGENDA 2030

"Afforestation projects are the key to promoting 12 of the 17 sustainability goals
of the world community in the framework of the 2030 Agenda in Africa. " 

Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. F.J. Radermacher

all informations about the 17 Global Goals

The IdeA

Behind PROJECT TOGO stands the vision of natureOffice, climate protection with the
omprovement of social structures.

If you look at the world map, you quickly realize that most
Carbon offset projects avoid a whole continent - Africa.

It is precisely this continent that has earned our entire attention.
And further - when you look at Africa, you notice that a country does not appear in our heads anywhere, neither positively nor negatively - it actually does not take place - the country of Togo in western Africa.

Africa deserves our

The PROJECT TOGO natural forest afforestation project stands for certified CO2-binding and is certified by experts from science and civil society accompanied.

Thanks to consistent transparency, it becomes apparent how fertile ecology and economy can work together and how the development of a region can be improved.

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PROJECT TOGO is real climate protection
with a role model function

Far more than "just" afforestation ... We are especialley focused on water, health, education, energy and jobs...

We think, a carbon offset project
has to afford more, than environmental protection.

Since the big wave of refugees in 2015, we keep talking about fighting the causes of flight on site.

It's not enough to visit the large resource-rich countries and arrange windy deals. Escape from your own home country is best combated by taking care of the local people.

That's what we do at PROJECT TOGO right from the start. In addition to natural forest afforestation, since 2012 we have been taking care of improving social structures. Always together - always very close with the population. The project focuses on water, energy, health, education and work have emerged.
Creating an improvement here not only facilitates people's lives, but also provides a future-oriented foundation for staying in one's own country to help build Togo.


Clean water - "actually"a fundamental right also in Africa.

The acute lack of water is one of the biggest
Problems in the country. There are far too few wells.

Fountains that are drying up can not be repaired due to a lack of money and there are already noticeable shifts in the rainy season.
Often the water stays off - the result is that the wells remain empty and the crops suffer from the lack of water.

PROJECT TOGO builds wells and takes care of drinking water emergency storage, which are intended in the event of a drought as a drinking water reserve for the population.


Enabling opportunities for the next generation ... In Togo, it's dark at 17 o'clock! Light extends the day.

Dark, sooty huts and children who need to do their housework on the light of the petrol - that was the situation we found in our project area.

In the meantime, we are installing the second large solar system and have equipped many individual households with small solar cells.

The schoolchildren can now do their homework in the congregation houses that we have built, with adequate ventilation and bright light, and there is still plenty of power left over to provide a refrigerator (for medication) and weekly our movie night.

The PROJCET TOGO carbon offset project is strongly geared to the needs of the people, the opportunities on the ground and the potential of the living space that surrounds them.

With the involvement of all sections of the population, PROJECT TOGO realizes self-supporting value-added units that guarantee the sustainable protection of the area.

These include:

  • plants for power generation and water supply
  • infrastructures for health and education
  • projects for sustainable agriculture and forestry
  • self-supply and market productions

These value-added units form a symbiosis that boosts supply and demand at the site, paving the way for stable development.

With the transfer of experience and expertise, as well as the education and integration of people in the region - PROJECT TOGO creates in the long term a local and regional independence that protects the environment and the climate.

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Health care provides better opportunities for generations to come...

High infant mortality in the countryside and almost no medical care. Anyone seriously ill will make it to the next place in time - or not!

With targeted workshops on health care, first aid courses and a mobile emergency service we try to improve the situation.

With the help of our customers, we plan to build a small infirmary to provide first aid for over 3,000 people.


Bildung is the  be-all and the end-all- especially in Africa.

Education is the key to poverty, they say. Despite the 6-year compulsory education, not all children can still go to school, let alone the whole 6 years.

Too often must be helped in the family farming. Here, through information and education, we try to raise awareness and specifically support these families with workplaces.
In Fokpo we started to rebuild the old dilapidated school, to equip it with drinking water and a toilet. We hope to complete this project in mid-2019.


Jobs secure the future of entire families.

In terms of improving social structures, creating sustainable jobs - equal opportunities for women and men - is a very important goal for us.

Making one's own money is the basis for a long-term perspective for the local population.

In addition to our 12 permanent employees, we have so far created 120 permanent community workplaces and have been able to found one agricultural cooperative each in Fokpo and Abouzokope.

We were able to build a sheep breeding facility (designed for up to 500 animals) and show how to earn money with dried fruit, rabbits and chicken, the cultivation of Moringa and cashew nuts.

CO2-offsetting – 

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