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Andreas Weckwert

Founder and owner of natureOffice with years of experience in the field of climate protection. As a studied photographer with engagements at the Süddeutsche Zeitung and National Geographic, Andreas has already traveled half the world, recognizing that environmental protection must be much more - namely human protection.
Human protection is also what it is largely about in the boutique carbon offset project it has set itself up for as a flagship because the project is very much concerned with improving people's living conditions in the project region.
Andreas open and honest way, his real competence is appreciated especially by our customers.

general topics in the field of climate change, climate and environmental protection

carbon offset projects, standards, transparency, reasonableness

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corporate responsibility and climate protection

marketing and sustainability

sociopolitically relevant topics

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As Managing Director, since 2013, Sandra's main focus in the company is corporate communications, marketing, market
observation and the development of new customer potential. Sandra's enthusiasm for climate protection is transferred to
colleagues and listeners. Their message is that climate protection through carbon offsetting really makes sense,
the entrepreneurial added value may not necessarily be visible at first glance, but - and in particular in PROJECT TOGO,
the development of the carbon offset project is driving forward quite a bit. In the company Sandra is known for her creativity,
her inventiveness, her unconventional but obliging nature.

general topics in the field of climate change, climate and environmental protection

climate protection in the field of tourism and gastronomy

corporate social responsibility and climate protection

marketing and carbon neutrality

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Tobias Liemersdorf

As a trained agricultural scientist, Tobias is an integral part of our climate protection project in Togo. Through his long stays abroad in the project region Tobias has a competent answer to any of your questions about the project. Tobias forms an important interface between the Togolese team and the Wiesbaden office of natureOffice. In addition to caring for afforestation, under his leadership, a sheepfold and administrative building are being built in the project area Brunnen. A school forest project was successfully started, a teaching garden created and many other activities were implemented under his guidance.

carbon offset projects, standards, transparency, reasonableness


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Franziska NIESCH

As a trained process engineer, Franziska has been an integral part of the natureOffice team since 2007. Your analytical
Thinking brings her not only in her job very forward but also in her hobby, playing chess. Franziska takes over
in our company the activity of Head of Analytics and Development. Under her guidance we develop for and
Together with our customers the right climate protection strategies. Under Franziska's direction is also the further development
our climate protection project PROJECT TOGO in West Africa.

carbon offset projects, standards, transparency, reasonableness

Development of carbon offset projects in emerging markets

Standards and regulations for carbon offset projects

CO2 balancing according to GHG and ISO

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Our approach is to embed most sustainable climate protection into your corporate activity. Effective, transparent and reliable. We will work with you to create an individual solution that is suitable for your business.


Start competently in climate protection with a carbon footprint of your company or your product!

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Get less costs through reducing your CO2-emissions and help yourself and the climate! Ask us today!

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Regardless of where CO2-emissions occur, they can be balanced anywhere in the world! Regional or global.

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Climate protection 

We offer climate protection strategies as natureOffice for every company regardless of industry and size!

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At the core of our processes are our IT processes for the determination of CO2-balances and for the compensation of CO2-emissions.

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To anchor sustainability by the mechanism of carbon neutrality into your brand core ist our profession!

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The most important vehicle for achieving business goals, especially in climate protection are your valuable employees!

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We have answers to all questions about carbon neutrality and we make your internal and external service fit for your customers!

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We host your sustainability event, the fireplace evening with partners and give a talk at trade fairs.

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