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CO2-Offset = carbon neutral? (climate neutral)

What´s the menaning of 
carbon neutral?

Holding the balance, balancing, neutralizing each other. Carbon neutral are processes that do not alter the equilibrium of the atmosphere. A balance between taking and giving.

Carbon neutral are products, services or companies as a whole if they offset emissions after the determination of the individual CO2-balance.

Carbon neutrality is an environmental policy goal of not exerting an influence on the climate through production and consumption. Behind this is the assumption that the climate system can buffer a certain level of greenhouse gas emissions without causing significant climate impacts. Carbon neutrality is today a mark of quality. Carbon neutral companies, for example, assume responsibility towards people and the environment. Many companies have firmly anchored the goal of carbon neutrality in their environmental guidelines.

What are CO2-certificates?

Other commonly used terms: CO2 certificates, climate protection certificates, emission certificates. CO2 certificates are generally traded in the unit of measure 1 ton of CO2e (e = equivalents). Other climate-damaging greenhouse gases such as methane are converted in their effect into a corresponding amount of CO2, so-called CO2 equivalents. 1 certificate corresponds to a saving of one tonne of CO2 equivalent through a climate protection project. There are two markets for carbon credit trading, the obligatory, state-level and voluntary, the so-called Voluntary Market. Through independent institutions such as The Gold Standard certifies and tests climate protection projects that generate certificates.

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What are
carbon offset projects ?

There are different types of projects that can compensate for CO2-emissions. Some projects invest in emission reductions through the increased use of renewable energy sources, others remove carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere through reforestation and still others avoid the emission of greenhouse gases in industrial processes. The projects also differ in scope. There are smaller projects that take place at the community level, and larger ones that can cover a whole industrial complex. The different types of projects have different advantages and disadvantages, with regard to their potential for greenhouse gas reduction, but also with regard to the side effects which they cause, for example. on biodiversity or the employment situation in the region. Carbon offset projects must meet internationally recognized criteria and standards and be certified accordingly.

The most important criteria are the following:

Additionality: It must be ensured that a project can only be implemented on the basis of the funds generated by emissions trading. The carbon offset project must therefore rely on revenues from emissions trading to cover the financing needs.

Exclusion of double counting: It must be ensured that the CO2-emissions saved are credited only once (to the holders of the certificates). This means in particular that certificates may only be sold once.

Durability: Emission savings must be permanent, e.g. The binding of CO2 in forests must be long-term.

Regular third-party verification: Carbon offset projects must be periodically audited by independent third parties (for example, TÜV, SGS, DNV) in all of the above criteria.

Should i
offset CO2?

To end climate problems by ignorance or repression can not be a solution. To make classes better, for example, by being aware of their CO2 footprint, they become aware of, reduce, and best turn off CO2-emissions. However, as long as this "shutdown" is not yet possible, carbon offsetting is the best way to get rid of emissions quickly and effectively. This creates time for the development of further innovations or mechanisms in the field of voluntary climate protection. So yes, it makes sense to know your carbon footprint - and YES, offsetting CO2-emissions is an investment in the future!


Should the voluntary compensation of CO2-emissions be the first or the last step in your climate protection measures?

As the most effective measure in the short-term, necessary climate protection we see as natureOffice the voluntary compensation of CO2-emissions as the first step.

The approach Avoid - Reduce (which is justified), however, suggests a temporal sequence of actions that does not correspond to the actual time sequence.

Avoiding and reducing emissions is certainly economically and morally right, but it runs counter to the goal of reducing CO2-emissions worldwide. Businesses should consider both approaches in parallel, also for reasons of cost efficiency. Avoid, reduce and compensate.


Our approach is to embed most sustainable climate protection into your corporate activity. Effective, transparent and reliable. We will work with you to create an individual solution that is suitable for your business.


Start competently in climate protection with a carbon footprint of your company or your product!

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Get less costs through reducing your CO2-emissions and help yourself and the climate! Ask us today!

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Regardless of where CO2-emissions occur, they can be balanced anywhere in the world! Regional or global.

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Climate protection 

We offer climate protection strategies as natureOffice for every company regardless of industry and size!

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At the core of our processes are our IT processes for the determination of CO2-balances and for the compensation of CO2-emissions.

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To anchor sustainability by the mechanism of carbon neutrality into your brand core ist our profession!

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The most important vehicle for achieving business goals, especially in climate protection are your valuable employees!

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Workshops &

We have answers to all questions about carbon neutrality and we make your internal and external service fit for your customers!

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We host your sustainability event, the fireplace evening with partners and give a talk at trade fairs.

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