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fattoria la vialla

On more than 1,342 hectares, the Lo Franco family, since 1978,
in the Chianti area, with her team vineyards, olive groves and vegetable fields.
Everything biodynamic and with attention to nature and climate.

sustainable and ecologically

The Fattoria La Vialla is a family-run, biodynamic farm with more than 150 employees - one of the oldest and largest in a small corner of the Chianti region. In 1978 he was acquired by the family Lo Franco and brought back to life. Today, the Fattoria covers an area of 1,342 hectares and has a range of more than 60 home-grown products.

The fact that climate change is caused by humans is no longer news. La Vialla has recognized this fact and tries to minimize its own negative impact on the climate and the environment.
The motivation of the owners Antonio, Gianni and Bandino Lo Franco is to preserve nature and the planet for future generations.

The Fattoria La Vialla has long been paying particular attention to environmental awareness and is committed to maximizing environmental impact.

avoiding and Reducing - concretely

Agricultural production

The Fattoria La Vialla has already converted the farm to nature conservation on "organic farming" 30 years ago. This means that holistic chemical agents are not used. Traditional fertilizers or pesticides are not used at Fattoria La Vialla.

Instead, sustainable approaches to the cultivation of soils are used. For example, Fattoria La Vialla uses a proprietary process to produce natural dung from manure.

But even by planting legumes (legumes) can be dispensed with artificial nitrogen fertilizer. Legumes bind air nitrogen, so the soil on which they grow is enriched with nitrogen. The natural management methods used in this way have significantly lower emissions than conventional methods.

For the Fattoria La Vialla, the abandonment of chemical fertilizers is a basic attitude that should be found for every application - "... chemical fertilizers should be banned - by law" (Antonio Lo Franco)

Brothers Lo Franco, (from left): Antonio, Bandino and Gianni.

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Here are baked "Stracci" - a traditional red wine pastry.

Processing of raw ingredients on the Fattoria

The main source of emissions in the production of Fattoria La Vialla is the consumption of electricity and heat. In terms of energy sources, Fattoria also focuses on sustainability and thus on renewable energies.

Much of the electricity used in production and the heat energy used comes from our own photovoltaic and solar thermal systems. The plants themselves are also "built entirely of aluminum and recyclable materials ..." (Emiliano Cecchini Arezzo). The emissions in production could thus also be reduced to a minimum.

Vineyards surround the Fattoria in the Tuscan Chianti region.


The electricity used in the packaging, as well as electricity for production, is mainly derived from renewable energy sources. Fattoria La Vialla relies on suppliers for packaging materials. The selection of packaging materials also focuses on sustainability. All dry products are packed in recycled and recyclable paper and cardboard.

All moist products are environmentally friendly packed in glass. Glass guarantees a better shelf life of the products and La Vialla mainly tries to use this type of packaging. Customers are advised to reuse bottles and glasses.

Furthermore, the Fattoria La Vialla is thinking about using more dark glass, which contains a higher proportion of recycled glass, than white glass. The use of plastics is largely dispensed with.
Packaging emissions are thus reduced by the choice of materials.

A look into the sauce rack of the farm shop on the Fattoria.

Sales and delivery of the products

The distribution of the products takes place exclusively in direct sales (online, catalog, etc.).

All print products are manufactured by local companies and made from sustainable raw materials. Likewise, all media are printed carbon neutraly according to the natureOffice method.

Printing companies that use the natureOffice process compensate for the unavoidable emissions associated with the production of a print object via carbon offset project.

Also we love the products of La Vialla and stockpiling delectations.

In 2009, we participated in the Climate Summit organized by the European Environment Agency in Copenhagen. There we were honored as an exemplary ecologically sustainable farm.
This, thanks to our respect for the environment and nature, and our good carbon footprint.

Gianni Lo Franco, Owner

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