Both ecological and economic sustainability have played a major role in the company for many years.

Assuming responsibility towards society and future generations has a long tradition at
DEBATIN has a long tradition.

ANTON DEBATIN GmbH, with all its affiliated companies, understands sustainability as an essential part of all business processes and is firmly anchored in the company's value system.

Suppliers make a significant contribution to success. For this reason, ANTON DEBATIN GmbH involves its suppliers directly in its sustainability offensive.

In addition to economic, technical and process-related criteria, social and ecological aspects are also taken into account in procurement activities.

The sustainable procurement strategy of ANTON DEBATIN GmbH is in line with the mission and vision as well as the corporate principles.

The UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Global Compact, the International Bill of Human Rights, the ILO's environmental and social standards, and the guidelines on social responsibility toward society (ISO 26000) serve as a basis.

DEBATIN is also very involved in the beekeeping project in Togo.

One bee colony produces about 15 kg of honey per year.

Yes, we plant! As a sub-project of the SUSTAINABLE PROCUREMENT STRATEGY!

Global challenges can only be solved together - and everyone can make a contribution. This is a conviction that the international community committed to in 2015 with the adoption of the 2030 Agenda, which we share and which is why climate protection is one of our sustainable procurement goals.
The "Yes, we plant!" tree planting project lays the foundations for 12 of the 17 defined Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through reforestation. The newly planted trees remove CO2 from the atmosphere, improve the climate situation and protect against desertification, among other things.
At the same time, new jobs are created and the economic and social situation is improved. Managing Director Thomas Rose was already able to see for himself during his visit to the project that a lot can be achieved even with small sums.

View into one of the tree nurseries.

Read more about the  project

Ownership as the cornerstone for efficiency, sustainability and success is a matter of course for us and is practiced on a daily basis, combined with the necessary passion for our group of companies and their progress.

Thomas Rose, Managing Director

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