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The initiative from natureOffice to Deutschland Plus has created an efficient tool to effectively improve the state of forests, biotopes and bogs in the project regions in Germany.

The lean infrastructure enables the effective use of funds and communicates the climate and species protection problems with their grave consequences for our society to a growing population group.

This strengthens the regional and nationwide commitment to our natural livelihoods on a broad basis. The Germany-wide locations have been supervised for many years by the mountain forest project e.V.

Bergwaldprojekt e.V. was founded in 1987 for the purpose of protecting, preserving and maintaining the forest, in particular the mountain forest and the cultural landscapes, as well as promoting understanding of the relationships in nature, the interests of the forest and the dependency of humans on these livelihoods and works among others with many volunteers with the goals:

  • to preserve the diverse functions of ecosystems
  • to make the participants aware of the importance and endangerment of our natural basis of life
  • to encourage a broad public for a nature-friendly handling of natural resources

all regions of bergwaldprojekt e.v.

All locations of the Bergwald project e.V. at a glance.

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Additional benefits allow volunteers working even more optimally

Deutschland Plus was developed by natureOffice as a combination carbon offset credit.

This project is characterized by the fact that it covers the CO2 binding or avoidance by international gold standard and VCS projects and additionally connects with a national nature premium for german forests and moores.

The regional commitment is covered by an additional amount of money, which flows 100% to the Bergwalprojekt e.V., thus enabling complementary environmental actions.

Forests serve, to a large extent, also the recreation.

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Deutschland Plus is an efficient tool to improve the condition of forests, biotopes and bogs in the regions.

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Forest (REDD+)

With our forest mix portfolio, we combine all kinds of forest conservation and forest conservation.

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Renewable Energy

Generating renewable energies represents a vital contribution to sustainable energy production.

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