CLEAN ENERGY from wind

wind energy project
Clean energy from wind

Rajasthan, INDIEN*

India has undergone a remarkable development in recent decades: the economy and population of the subcontinent have grown faster than in almost every other country on earth.

However, in many areas this development is accompanied by increased environmental pollution. For power generation, for example, India still relies heavily on fossil fuels - especially coal. The result: CO2 emissions in India have increased by around 900 percent over the past 40 years.

At the same time, however, India is one of the countries that are already severely affected by the effects of climate change. More and more often it comes to dry periods, crop failures or floods. Investing in new, climate-friendly power generation technologies can be a successful approach to counteract this development.
This project involves the construction and operation of a wind farm with 37 turbines and a total capacity of 29.6 megawatts. The clean electricity generated in the wind farms of this project will be fed into the North Indian transmission grid and displaces 53,000 gwh of electricity from fossil-fired power plants. Without the additional income from voluntary climate compensation, the implementation of this forward-looking renewable energy project would not have been possible.

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The project meets the following of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals:


Climate protection taken seriously - through own fossil-fuel phase-out

According to the Climate Protection Index 2017 (Germanwatch), India ranks with place 20 nine places before (!) Germany in the international climate change ranking.

And though India is one of the ten largest carbon emitters due to its population of 1.3 billion, its per capita emissions are still at a relatively low level. However, the country’s emissions are currently rising fast. About 25 percent of the increase in power consumption is covered by renewable energies, but there is still enough room for improvements.

India’s government intends to quadruple the share of renewable energies by 2022. Today, power from solar panels is already the cheapest source of energy in India. All coal-fired power stations should be dismantled by 2026. In 58 developing countries, including India, wind and solar energy is now cheaper than fossil-fuel power. (Bloomberg)

With our climate protection projects from India, we support climate protection efforts of the central government, which has been a true pioneer in the past for years, compared to Germany. Germany as alleged climate protection pioneer today and probably also the next decades, is funding the brown coal distribution with billions of public money.

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Together with you, we contribute to the climate with our efforts in climate protection.
On the other hand, to improve the lives of many people living in the project regions.


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