Trip with customers 2018

Together we can achieve much more

"You have to see for yourself how it is elsewhere in the world to realize how important it is to support it -
global climate protection also means giving people jobs, tasks and perspectives.
Active participation and cooperation are necessary."
 Thomas Rose, CEO Anton Debatin GmbH

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Welcome, dear customers,

Our first big trip to show customers our PROJECT TOGO

...already filled us with great anticipation and excitement in the weeks before departure from Frankfurt am Main.

For us, thia customer journey was exciting and important at the same time for two reasons. On the one hand, we wanted to show our longtime customers, who made PROJECT TOGO possible, with their commitment, how climate protection can work for the benefit of the local population. On the other hand, show all potential customers that real value added can be created with clear communication and maximum transparency , After this trip, it is completely clear to all participants how important these projects are in emerging economies and how much they focus on the future.

Auch bei Regen pflanzen Freiwillige junge Bäume.

Smiling faces at the airport in Paris.  The pleasant anticipation amongst the participants is great. (v.l. Mr. Moch, Seitz, Fokkema and Mr. Woerner)

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customers trip documented

In order to give other customers, partners and interested parties a real impression of our carbon offset project and how firmly we are now anchored in the region and among the people - unfortunately, not every interested person has the opportunity to accompany us on our travels - we have them Travel a film team taken.

The result is a 25-minute, impressive documentary that provides a lot of useful information and answers many questions, such as:

What about afforestation?
What do the surfaces look like?
What happened to the drilled wells?
Where is the new meeting house?
What does sheep farming do?
How important is the women's project "rabbit-breeding"?
What is a school forest project?
What's up with the beekeeping school?
How does the PROJECT TOGO affect the lives of the people in the project region? and much more

Auch bei Regen pflanzen Freiwillige junge Bäume.

Lomé - in the middle of the night, after the flight. Off to Kpalimé.

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Also a small contribution
can be a good contribution

The lure of the regional

For those who would like to have a carbon offset project around the corner, in Aschaffenburg, Hamm or Osnabrück, we want to make clear with this article and the film that a commitment in countries like Togo has a much higher impact, against climate change but also for improvement develop the life situation of local people.
But that does not speak against a regional additional commitment. In keeping with our philosophy of doing one thing without letting the other. For customers who want to get involved regionally, ie in Germany, Austria or the Netherlands as well as in Togo, we developed the combined offset credits in 2012. These projects combine sensible regional environmental protection with certified carbon offset projects.

Would you like to accompany us?

Our customer journey was a complete success!

We say this with great pride and indescribable joy! Proud of our work, our employees, in Togo and in Germany and of course on our customers who have accompanied us on this first trip.

They have recognized what a climate protection project can do. We are particularly pleased that all of our companions have seen that PROJECT TOGO is a joint effort of villagers, natureOffice and themselves, the customer.

Talk to us, there will be a next customer trip for sure!

Auch bei Regen pflanzen Freiwillige junge Bäume.

What was on the agenda? Looking back, day after day ...

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"...the core of the projects is finding a solution together, working together and making it sustainable together."
Harald Steber, beeline group

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