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Experience for more than 185 years.

Modern printing and media as well
as ecological online print shop.

bonitasprint gmbh is a modern printing and media house, and stands for solid know-how, state-of-the-art technology and personal commitment.
From the idea to the finished product, we offer a comprehensive service with an integrated production chain in-house. It is important to us, not simply "only" to print, but sustainable to bring the unique expression of personal print communication in skilful interaction of colors, paints, papers and finishes exactly on the point.

bonitasprint stands for personality

Despite all the speed, it is particularly important to us not only to have the "quick print", but to be a consciously loyal partner. Not only to have short-term goals in mind, but to act effectively in the long term.

bonitasprint gmbh and, the online print shop of the company, which produces
exclusively under the strictest ecological criteria, deals with the protection of nature in its daily work and has a clear view on a sustainable way of dealing with people and nature.
For us an indispensable prerequisite to take responsibility and to leave the following generations an intact environment.

The printer has received numerous awards and certifications for this commitment. was awarded the GREEN BRAND Germany 2015/2016 for proven ecological sustainability. Furthermore, the company is active in the Bavarian Environmental Pact and has the Premium Process Standard Offset Certification (Premium PSO) according to DIN ISO 12647-2. It is a member of the Federal German Working Group for Environmental Management (B.A.U.M. e.V.) and the German Environmental Foundation. In addition, it has been producing carbon neutral with natureOffice as a partner for years.

The decision in favor of natureOffice was based on the conviction that the compensation actually arrives and supports projects that meet the highest sustainability standards, which natureOffice also consistently communicates transparently. We are especially enthusiastic about the projects Germany Plus. With conviction we support the climate protection on our doorstep with the project "Rhön plus".

Dieter Körner on the roof of the company with own PV-system.

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bonitasprint gmbh is a modern printing and media house, and stands for solid know-how, state-of-the-art technology and personal commitment. From the idea to the finished product, we offer a comprehensive service with an integrated production chain in-house.

Dieter Körner, CEO

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