COMbined carbon offset project 
Deutschland Plus - Alps

Deutschland Plus ALPs

Bad Tölz, Lechtal, Oberammergau, Garmisch Partenkirchen, Schliersee...

The main focus in the project area Alps lies beside the foundation of mountain mixed forest by
composting on storm and bark beetle areas, on the particularly important protection forest restoration.

Forests on the mountain slopes today have important functions to fulfill, such as soil erosion control, avalanche and water protection, for the ecosystem on the ground, in a time dominated by weather
extremes. If the protective mixed mountain forest is lacking, this has a significant impact on the stability of the entire ecosystem in addition to the local endangerment of settlements, traffic routes and meadows.

Further work to be done in this region:

  • Thinning of young trees
  • Plantation of native trees
  • Bark beetles fighting
  • Installation and maintenance of walkways
  • Installation of perches
  • Biotop care

Facts about the project:

  • Project type: Combined certificate
  • Project name: Deutschland plus
  • Project locations: Germany and various
  • Project standard: Gold Standard/ VCS/ CCBS  (depending on chosen carbon offset project)
  • Additional contribution: per certificate we forward EUR 5 to the charitable Bergwaldprojekt e.V. 

Locations of environmental action in the Alps

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Deutschland Plus

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Deutschland Plus
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Deutschland Plus

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Deutschland Plus

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Deutschland Plus

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